Congratulations to DHFF for winning the title of "2020 China Top 100 Cosmetic Supply Chain"
September 17,2020.
On September 1, the awards ceremony of the Top 100 Chinese Cosmetic Supply Chain Companies hosted by China was held in Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center. Tianjin DHFF Flavors and Fragrances Co., Ltd., the honorary president of Pingyao Branch of Tianjin Shanxi Chamber of Commerce (co-sponsor of China Shanxi Merchants Club), won the title of "Top 100 Cosmetic Supply Chains in China in 2020".
This grand ceremony brought together many excellent industry suppliers and senior professionals, witnessed the birth of the top 100, discussed and exchanged new trends in the development of cosmetics industry innovation, technology, and regulations. The selection of the top 100 cosmetics supply chain companies in China is based on industry classification and reputation inspection from tens of thousands of supplier companies. The seven indicators of performance, scale, reputation, taxation, innovation, influence and future prospects are passed through industry announcements and combined Online voting and professional review were finally born. DHFF fragrance won this honor by virtue of its strength, and has won unanimous recognition within and outside the industry.
As a local flavor company with a history of 26 years, DHFF has established a branch in Guangzhou since 2019 to serve important customers in southern China. 2020 is a special year. The sudden epidemic and the turbulent international situation have brought huge challenges to all walks of life. However, DHFF still firmly invests in the Guangzhou and South China markets, and moved to Guangzhou Yuexiu in June this year. The new site of the District China International Center.
Today, Chinese consumers have developed to a stage where there are more diversified and personalized product demands. Feng Tianle, general manager of DHFF Flavors, said that DHFF is good at understanding consumer needs and preferences from a localized perspective, and hopes that in the future, it can make more use of its advantages in the field of scent research and innovation to help the development of customers of various brands, and is committed to working with customers for China Consumers bring richer and more creative ingenuity products, and obtain more sustainable development and progress in cooperation.
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